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An excellent way to deepen your understanding of the subtle body and how pranayama fits into the practice of yoga for teachers or practitioners who are ready to take the next step in their journey through the self.

Pranayama & Subtle Body Yoga Teacher Training

English Teaching Language



1 Weekend


Yuj Yoga Lab, 1070 Vienna


20hr Intro to Pranayama & Subtle body

Certified by Yoga Alliance YACEP

For whom?

For everyone

Especially suited for those who value small groups (max. 10 students) for a better learning experience

How much?

Regular price: 330€ 

Early bird  discount 10%

until 31.01.2024

Why do Pranayama?

01 Physical Benefits of Pranayama

  • Increases Lung Capacity

  • Improves Immune System

  • Better Digestion

  • ​Lowers Hypertension/ High Blood Pressure

  • Develops Concentration & Mindfulness

  • Relieves Stress

  • Promotes Sleep

  • Helps in practicing positive thinking

  • Brings in more balance

02 Emotional Benefits of Pranayama

About the Teacher Training

In this course the participants will explore meanings, like Prana, Pranayama, Pranic Body, Chakras, Koshas, Kleshas, Vayus, Nadis, Bandhas. Together we will decode concepts and deepen the practice of pranayama techniques like Ujjayi, Nadi Sodhana, Kapalabhati, Bhramari.


Explore the elements of

  • The 5 Koshas

  • The 7 Chakras

  • The Nadis

  • The 5 Bodies

  • The 5 Prana Vayus

And learn about how each of these elements is interconnected in the practice of Yoga

Then, begin a kosha by kosha exploration into the practice of Pranayama, including:

  • The anatomy & physiology of the respiratory system

  • The accessory muscles of the breath

  • The connection to pranayama and thoughts, emotions & memories

  • Techniques and terms for pranayama

  • How to teach the Bandhas


This course is an excellent way to deepen your understanding of the subtle body and how pranayama fits into the practice of yoga for teachers or practitioners who are ready to take the next step in their journey through the self. 

After this course and once all homework has been completed and submitted, students will receive a certificate of completion for 20 CEU credits with Yoga Alliance of America - YACEP.

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Your Teacher

My name is Vasiliki

And my mission is to assist individuals in achieving exactly this goal! I am tunnel focused on optimizing every course, class, workshop, Yoga Retreat or Yoga Teacher Training, bringing the aspects of conscious being to the forefront and leading my students with love and compassion. Transparency and a safe practice environment are essential.

As a Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher (200h, 500h, Prenatal Yoga, Postnatal Yoga, Kids Yoga, 100h Rocket Vinyasa LV 1), every teaching opportunity is yet another chance to inspire, be inspired, and live life to the fullest.

Included in the 20h Yoga Teacher Training

  • Small group for better learning experience

  • Theory and practice of pranayama

  • Daily yoga session with a focus on meditation and mindfulness

  • Practice of pranayama techniques

  • Manual

  • Practical exercise at the end: a) Participants after the course keep a one-week journal during pranayama practice to track obstacles and progress and receive feedback

  • An individual follow-up 30 minute call up to 2 months after the TT to discuss any questions

Booking​ & Cancellation
  • The early bird price is only valid for bookings until 31.01.2024.

  • The booking is binding and will be confirmed after a deposit of 150 euros is transferred.

  • This deposit is non-refundable.

  • The deposit cannot be transferred towards participation in future courses.

  • The difference must be transferred by February 29, 2024 at the latest.

  • The cancellation of booked workshops and training courses will be accepted in writing (e-mail) and confirmed in writing.

  • If you cancel less than 4 weeks before the start of the training, 50% of the course fee must be paid. Any additional training costs already paid will be refunded within 2 weeks.

  • In the event of later cancellations (less than 4 weeks of training start date), the entire participation fee will be charged. This also applies if the participant simply stays away from the course without deregistering in a timely manner.

  • A replacement participant can be found by the participant at any time, then the entire amount - except for the 100 euro processing fee - can be refunded.

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