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moon Rituals



The New Moon is dark because the Moon is so close to the Sun that none of the lit side of the Moon is visible to us. Imagine that the Full Moon is only visible to the Sun! But we get to bask in the magical shadow of dark moon time.

The New Moon is the best time to plant seeds. It’s a time for new beginnings, the start of the lunar cycle and a great starting point for setting intentions. Reach out to someone, start a new project, dare to dream big. Create rituals focused on the area you want to grow. The fertile darkness of the New Moon is where life first emerges. Unseen seeds swell and break in the dark, damp soil as they grow deeply.  

​This is a great time to manifest a dream, a longing wish, or to plant seeds of ideas for new projects. As the Moon grows in light, so will the intentions you set during this time.The New Moon encourages  growth and gives you a fresh start to the coming lunar month. During this time, starting a garden or planting a houseplant cutting helps establish strong roots in your plants and in yourself. Dirt work is always cathartic and grounding during this Moon phase.


Set goals or aspirations during this phase that you would like to work towards or bring into your life. As the Moon grows, your actualization becomes more powerful and will finally take root in reality.


  • Artemis (Greek): The Huntress. She is a protector of animals and nature. Her followers often worshiped her during the  New Moon phase of the lunar cycle.

  • Hecate (Greek): The Dark Goddess. Often associated with the Dark Moon phase, she is often depicted as a hag, goddess of the crossroads, rebirth and death. She is often called the Goddess of Witchcraft.


When planets are in opposition, It may sound like a conflict is brewing , and indeed, it is not unheard of. However, most of the time, when planets are in this position (the furthest apart from each other in their respective orbit), some synergetic collaboration can occur. Have you ever heard of the saying "opposites attract?" Sure! This dynamic tension between the heavenly bodies has the power to pull the tides. 


When the Moon and Sun are in opposition, the Sun is so far away from the Moon that the full face of our nightly companion is lit up. Perhaps distance does make the heart grow fonder! The Full Moon represents self-expression and action. It stands for accomplishment, illumination and joy. The peak of the Moon phases is represented by this. We have come a long way, so it’s time to take a break and look back on our accomplishments - or, as the case may be, what we have left behind.


How much have you grown and changed in the last month? Honor your small and big victories and accomplishments. What questions came up this last month or require more clarification? What losses need to be honored? Is it time to let go and move on, or should you build a shrine as a temporary  reminder of what is now taking place in the afterworld? 


The opposing energy of the Sun (ego, or self) and the Moon (inner-self, subconscious) can cause tension or even explosions of emotions. Because of this tension, this is a great time to express yourself creatively, and your rituals can reflect this.


Meditate under the Full Moon to ground yourself, to illuminate burning desires or questions you might have. This is a time when answers and questions flow between the inner and outer worlds. During this phase, gratitude is crucial. Be grateful for the culminations of the intentions you may have set during the New Moon, recognize your movement and yourself.


While the New Moon phase often feels solitary and independent, the Full Moon is a great time to gather and be with your community. The New Moon is a time to set your intentions, while the Full Moon is a celebration of your manifestations, however large or small. Burning intentions in fire or letting go of emotions that no longer serve you are often seen as Full Moon rituals.

As the light of the Moon grows, we foster the things we hold dear, we tend the fires of our hearth. As the Moon grows dark, we release and let go. Cleanse the space, the mind and the body.


  • Cerridwen (Celtic): Keeper of knowledge and intuition. She represents wisdom and inspiration. Also known as a Goddess of the Underworld.

  • Selene (Greek): Mother Goddess linked to the Full Moon.

  • Yemaya (Yoruba): Mother Goddess of the ocean, water and tides.

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