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yuj [pronounce:  /jud͡ʑ/]   युज्

Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word 'yuj' and means to yoke, to unite.

Therefore, Yuj Yoga Lab is a space where you can be connected with yourself, with like-minded others, your breath and your inner Divine.

Let all the expectations out of the Shala and come to explore together the path of Yoga.

A warm welcome to Yuj Yoga Lab!

Yuj Yoga Lab is a community where we practice acceptance, connection and balance. Each of my classes, workshops and events aim to unite body and mind and to reach a place of acceptance, no matter where we are. I teach different yoga styles - such as Hatha Yoga, Prenatal and Kids Yoga - but my heart beats for Rocket Vinyasa Yoga. Rocket Yoga is a very dynamic yoga style for all levels that challenges you to explore your physical and mental abilities and get your energy moving. Come visit me in my studio Yuj Yoga Lab in Vienna's 7th district to flow together!







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