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3h Yin – Yang  Advanced  Workshop
SUN | 02.04 | 14:30


– The workshop combines two yoga traditions: Ashtanga Yoga and Yin Yoga, allowing you to explore two complementary aspects of the practice. Yin is known as the slow, feminine, receiving and passive aspect of life, while Yang represents the dynamic, masculine, providing, and active part. The dance of these two aspects creates a balanced and fulfilled life.


Yin with Nikoleta

– Yin Yoga targets different layers of the body and mind. Participants will learn all about the aim and the benefits of this slow and grounding yoga practice. Together we will learn how to practice in a way that is safe, while staying longer in the postures. We will explore how to stretch and stress the body in a yin way and learn to deal with the discomfort. Subsequently, unexplored levels of relaxation will be reached.

– Advancement in Yin Yoga means holding the pose for a longer duration, holding them in more silence, holding them - to the extent that body allows - in more demanding versions.


Yang with Vasiliki

– Yang practice becomes a channel of energy and movement. Utilizing our inhale and exhale to fuel the body we strengthen our nervous system while creating flexibility and openness. This style of Yoga creates heat - burning through any physical and mental toxicity. With the Progressive Ashtanga Vinyasa we will awaken the feeling body into the state of being completely charged by the invisible energy of Prana to bring the subtle experience of yoga to us.

– Advancement in Rocket Vinyasa means to explore our limits mentally and physically by challenging ourselves with more demanding asanas  through this deepening process .

– The workshop is suitable for participants of all levels. For both practices, we will include challenging asanas as an exploration of our boundaries.

– At the beginning of the workshop we will activate our circulation and metabolism with pranayama and then with a powerful Music-Yang-Flow / Rocket Vinyasa. A flowing sequence of asanas guided by breath and modern music. A symbiosis of tradition and evolution.


– In the second part we will slow down, allow the muscles to relax, and practice asanas that are held for longer periods of times, supported by props. The music will shift to calming sounds.

The final relaxation will be long and enriched by a gentle massage of the neck and face.

Day & Time : Sunday | 02.04.2023 | 14:30 - 17:30

Location : Yuj Yoga Lab , Neustiftgasse 120, 1070, Groundfloor

Price : 45€

Limited Spots!


We look forward to experiencing this 3hr Advanced Journey together!


With love & acceptance,

Nikoleta - Vasiliki

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