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Sun 10.12.2023 | 5:00 am | Yuj Yoga Lab

Join Vasiliki and Cristina for a soul charging yoga experience with an afternoon of Rocket + Restore and an immersive sound bath to take you to a place you've never been. The Rocket + Restore + Sound Journey is a powerful and transformative combination, and literally the best present you can make to yourself. Don't miss it!


Vasiliki will lead you through an invigorating Rocket practice including pranayama, physical asana and a meditation led by a 4 beat count to guide you into your breath. Expect sun salutes, many postures in and out of the rocket sequence, and a transformative meditation to take you deeper.


After we blast off into outer space, Cristina will guide your inner journey through relaxation postures followed by a symphony of healing sounds with the deep resonance of Krystal Singing bowls, Koshi bells and some more. This celestial experience is unique and transformational, bringing peace and healing to your soul.




As rocket yoga is traditionally taught with beginners and advanced students all in the room together. Each student is encouraged to focus on what they can do. Find the heat, the breath and find yourself transported into a new space of physical movement, prana and inspiration through yoga and sound.

Can't wait to see you!!!


 Sunday | 10.12.2023 | 5:00 p.m -7:30 p.m


Yuj Yoga Lab, Neustiftgasse 120, 1070, Groundfloor

For Whom?

All levels are welcome - English language

How much?


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